Crypto Reporting, Crypto Assessment & Crypto Guidance  – If you have a question for Jamie – Please be in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto Reporting, Crypto Assessment & Crypto Guidance  – If you have a question for Jamie – Please be in touch.

Having a Crypto Report made can be broken down into 3 phases:

  • Finding out what your client needs and how we can help
  • Gathering the data
  • Processing and creation of the report


The First includes your client filling out our Fact-find that covers any crypto activity that they may have been involved in and information on their crypto history so we can put together a list of instructions for them.

In the next phase we will provide you a tailored list of instructions based on the answers in the fact-find on how to gather the necessary data for us to begin our work.

Once we have all the data returned and a snapshot of their holdings at a date, we can begin collating, processing, reconciling and finally creating a report based on their crypto transactions.

Finally, we provide this report to you and answer any questions that you may have and ensure you are confident with the information contained within.

Once all the required information and data has been returned our turnaround times are a maximum of 2 weeks (generally quicker), so long as nothing has been missed and there are no issues with the data.

Once we have created a report for you, we are always available to answer any questions that you have. Feel free to reach out and we are always available for a chat to discuss.

Working in the digital space allows us to work with anyone from anywhere in Australia. We are setup for phone calls, video calls and all documents are digital

The online calculators currently on the market are great to use if your client only has basic transactions, you can ensure their data is clean and complete and if you understand the legislation that governs Cryptocurrency trading. However, if you are unsure about any of these points, we recommend using our services.

With us working together to create a crypto report, you have peace of mind that all transactions are present, have been treated correctly and that you are following all requirements for reporting.

Data from many exchanges require specific work before being able to be put through an online calculator due to known issues with data throttling and missing information. Our processes ensure that these are not an issue for you and as we know what needs to be done can save you hours of your own time trying to fix the errors you run into.

No, we cannot provide tax advice as we are not registered tax agents, we solely process and report your data in a way that is understandable and professional. If you would like tax advice or an accountant that is well-versed in crypto, we can direct you to one we trust.

We, nor any registered financial planners in Australia can legally provide you with financial advice on Cryptocurrency and as such, nothing should be taken as financial advice. This is due to no licences or insurance covering Cryptocurrency currently, therefore it is important to note that anyone that offers these services (what to buy, investing for you if you send them money etc.) should be reported to the relevant authorities and avoided as there is an extreme risk of being scammed.

No, we have no contact or affiliation with the ATO in any way. We do not provide them with any information, nor would we on their request. We take privacy very seriously and believe that your reports are solely that, yours to do with as you like, not to be provided to anyone else.

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Crypto Trading
Staking & Airdrops
Forks & Chain-Splits
Lost, Stolen & Scammed Crypto
DeFi & Yield Farming

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